Thursday, May 15, 2008

In Protest of Orphan Works Act of 2008 Bill

In Protest of the Orphan Works Act of 2008 Bill I have taken all my art down from this Google site as they are back this bill that let anyone steal art work,pictures or video and other works copyrighted or not anf there would be no way for the artist or person reclaim or to sue for full far value. Many companies are back this bill and tell those in DC that artist want it as well and we do now in any shape of way want this bill

contact for more info
Brad Holland
Illustrator's Partnership

S 2913 must die and other bills like it before we lost more rights to property and personal freedoms

thank you TCC

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This alive and kicking

It has been some time snce I posted and I just seem to keep on the busy side to get out here and post.
I was doing this really grat review of Firefox and it extensions and the system I was on died.

Hardware sucks. You can never fine good motherboard that will stand up to running long hours and not died after you work all night .
It been some time since I started this blog and i looking to move the art off and getin to pure tech and info on what is going on the world today.

I hope to post my review of Vista soon as i have been beta testing adn found Vista is more eye candy than program that works well or plays well with 3rd party software.

Testing is still going on so I will post as I find out more.

Thanks for stoping in and hope I can get more posted soon


Friday, December 31, 2004

To those about to post...

Hi all this is Cybercorsair saying greeting from the Cyberworld.

I know "Cyber What"? you are saying why whould some one cll them self a Cyber Consultant or a cyber anything? IT's not tha t kind of Cybering I do think CyberPunk not sex.

Well I been online for some time and into computer for over 20+ years and when I got started the word "cyber' didn't have the slanted meaning some offen think when you hear the word now a days.

I am a computer consultant that kind of fell inter computers as my college major was Arts.. no real i have aA.A. in fine Arts. I was also working on B.A. in 3D Arts and Sculpture and Computer CG with a miner in Cogs and Chaos science till a member of my family got very ill I was the only one that could help. I got married just after I was done just haven't had the time to go back and finish the B.A.

I been kind of a real jack of all trades all my life and in 1977 I met some people that I ran the computer lab at our local JC we al so have a major SAC base so the college got grants to deck the computer lab with a ton of fun stuff so i spent my time bugging my friends and learning .Hang in the lab my friend saw I had a nack for figuring out password and just over de-bugging lines of code in my head ever those I can't do math with out a calculator. So I got my nick from them and the CyberCorsair was born and i grown into the nick more and more. It was still 3 year or more before the home computer was to come but I knew that computers were going to change how we did ever thing but I was still an artist and I want to figer out how to do art on a computer.

After High School I went right in the local JC that same summer. I wanted to start then and Now so I started asking my art teacher what computers do art?None I was told art on a computer was like for drafting students or business graphics so I endeavor to learn what I could and I gave my self a name the word Cyber Artist but it didn't sound right at the time but I do call my self that too, so I use "Computer Graphic Artist" and asked the campus and my teachers if could set up set a Studies for computer and art.. the JC board told me NO! No one uses a computer do art and we can't wast time on a single student to learn something that will never happen.. (still have that in writing really) so I went out and kept my art going and learned computers on my own I work as a freelance artist and even internd at an Ad company. I got my first Computer in 1982 a Commodore 64 it was great and like all I started slow I had the tape drive first and moved to the 5 2/5 floppys and I still have all and they work.

I next moved to the Amiga and still own a few but I also started to use Macs and PC. I really never did learn to write programs some scripting but I did learn how programs worked and I alpha and beta tested tons of software in my time. after the JC the most online stuff I did was with Large BBS. Those we're fun.I was on tons of them and my phone bill was big. I was even on the original AOL. not that Bastard AOL HEll of today the real AOl was a large multi-line BBS it was in San Diego (I think as I lost some of my recored of the time) and was a great BBS but it got ate up by the company that was is AOHell (Qwest?? can't remember the original name) the took over AOL and fired everyone and took the data off the systems and tossed them out in the trash after taking a sledge hammer to all the computer and modems and Drives.. the guy who has sold the company was lied to and well I lost touch with him in 85.. it was a sad day.

I moved on to the real internet( mind you the JC I was at early on in life I found out later was Arpanet but I did not have an account as College were charged for Arpanet time) late in 89 and got my first and still running Internet accounts 91 after asking the Cogs teacher Dr Ton Gentry if he could help me get online with an account. Tom was cool man I miss him as the job did him in a few years later he was man who stayed late wrote up grants to build the Distance learning Programs so students far off could learn and work with class live and in real time over the net. Tom made sure we had a local phone lines to connected to the campus from any place and all students had the power to get online.

I worked in the Cog's lab with the Amigas and Video Toasters system but mostly just did my searching for info online and getting stuff for his classes . we studied Chaos and Fractal(which till then I thought we're just real cool art who know numbers could do that?) I logged tons of time going places online. I was a master at FTP and Usenet search and with the pre-web text search using Archie and Lynx and alpha and beta tested NCSA Mosaic. I mored on to Netscape and never even thought of using IE even tho I have to from time to time it is the worse browser in the world in my mind. IE killed the inter net with ton's Junk the early days web surfing was slow but it wasn't java over kill and I still feel Jave should not be used in web pages as it has some may security prob;ems but Flash and shockwave run things better.. maybe it was my Mac work but I know I see less Macs than I do PC with Jave bugs. More venting in later post on this.

I still have and use my shell account and really love using it and all the unix helped me with the Linux I used now. I also use Chaos in mind with my art (I'll link some pics here soon) The campus I was at was just a CSU but it was great place I want to go back to some day soon

I have worked at Apple computer doing Re-Work Tech work on the line as the system were being made I fixed the system when they failed and got them out we made 300 to 700 a night per-line on a grave yard shift fun nutty stuff i'll tell you more on later(I'll post the scary stuff later too on that job first clues: think on the job training meets Fly backs + High voltage)

I now work with my wife who also has 20+ year in computers and dose of all thing Dog traing for over30+ years too..We do data recovery and Anti-virus work as well as Anti-Id Theft that the internet has come to be burden with.we work very well as a team and have a fun time figureing out how to save peoples files and all and training people how not to get hit again.

I will use this blog to talk abut thing in my life and work and all and look for feed back on the stuff I post. I hope to get bay the Jeers and Hacking as I know there will be.

I'l post my art work and resume as I can. I think that will should show who I am and when I hope to go is this New year that is ahead of us all.

Ok I will post more as I get time and post a full profile as I can but till them HAPPY NEW YEAR all .

George Greene
The Cyber Consultant

P.s. Yes I did come back and fix some type-O's and yes I am Dyslexic and ADDH but I deal with it hope you all can too.